Free Office Suite – LibreOffice

Many of you buy a computer with a demo or partially working version of the ubiquitous MS Office Suite, and I doubt if many of you pay cash to get all the features of the “pro” version (say £330). Are you aware that you can get a fully functional office suite which will do 95% of what MS Office does, and that all your existing .doc, .xls, and .rtf files will open and save with no difficulty?

If you are having issues opening an MS Office file you may find that you can recover it with LibreOffice, surprising as that may seem.

LibreOffice is a fully functional office suite which does what you want it to do, and it works very much in the same way as MS Office. There are differences which are fairly trivial, such as slightly different names for menus and suchlike.

As stated you are fully at liberty to download and install this to your computer if you wish to, without cost, and there is only one full version in whatever language you want. You may do this with as many computer systems as you have.

One caveat is that it will change the icons on your desktop, so perhaps best to get rid of MS Office and replace it.

LibreOffice is available for Microsoft, Mac, and Linux.

Chezphil Emporium