Create Perfect Documentation

In the course of your life you need to produce documentation. This might be for a thesis, course work, professional documents, and so on. Invariably a person will reach for a word processor and type out something, and then tinker with it until it looks acceptable. Unfortunately a document produced by a word processor invariably looks indifferent at a glance.

To produce perfect documentation is easy, if you know how. The result of a beautifully typeset document is impressive, and you will get extra credit for all the trouble you have taken to produce it. A typeset document will get you credit in course work and prestige. It is a open secret that all this is easy to do, and even better the software you need is free. There is a learning curve in doing this, not that steep, and plenty of resources to get you on your way.

The system I refer to is Lyx, a document processor which is a front end to Latex, which has been around a long time. Typesetting with Lyx is WYSIWYM, what you see is what you mean. The software mostly decides how to set out a document, you just guide it and perhaps make a few tweaks. Latex and Lyx are widely used academia, and where typeset documents are mandatory. You instantly notice when something is typeset, especially when mathematical formulae are present.

Here is the link to what you should look into if you value tip top documentation:

Lyx Website

Note it works for Linux, Apple and Microsoft.



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