Which Apple Mac For Value

When deciding which computer to buy there are a number of considerations you need to take into account. One which most people consider is value for money, and when it comes to an Apple computer their prices can be high.

Your preference for an Apple computer may be due to its simplicity, or perhaps as it robust in protecting you from virus and malware infections (as deep in its internals it is a Unix like operating system). Being pleasing on the eye is a minor albeit important choice.

Part of your decision will arise from how you wish to use the system. If your preference is to sit down and browse using a mouse and keyboard then an iMac is a good value choice, particularly with a slightly smaller screen to save money.

If you prefer a laptop there are some good value 13″ MacBooks which will have sufficient performance for your needs.

Perhaps you may prefer the convenience of an iPad, which then comes down to your personal preference for a smaller or larger screen size. These are excellent for on the road travel.

If you already have a suitable screen, mouse and keyboard left over from an old machine then a cheaper alternative to a completely new computer is the MacMini which is sufficient for most people for desktop use.

A system sufficient for home use should have a processor with say at least 2 GHz, and at least 2 GB of RAM (memory). A hard disk of 500 GB is sufficient for storage. After that the other specifications can be reviewed such as screen size. The larger the screen the higher the cost.

In summary your choice of an Apple computer is down to how you prefer to use it. Some people have two, one for home use and one for the road.

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