Electric Over Blanket Bliss

With the British winter lasting about 360 days of the year it is heaven to be able to turn in to a warm bed. In times past I relied upon the good old fashioned hot water bottle, which had the result of having too much heat localised at my feet, and cold spots waiting to be heated up by me. This system was better than nothing, but not good.

I got fed up with my past arrangements and after some research decided to invest into an electric over blanket, specifically one made by Pifco.

I chose an over blanket in preference to the normal under blanket as my thought was it would be safer and longer lasting. The electric blanket arrived quickly and I installed it sandwiched between a top duvet and nice warm flannelette sheet. Below me another warm flannelette sheet and a heavy under blanket.

The system works well. I turn it on about an hour before turning in on a low setting, which seems sufficient, and when ready to turn in switch it off. The result is a toasty warm bed which is warm throughout the span of the electric over blanket.

One drawback is the electric over blanket is in itself warm, so as the climate warms I tend to remove it once it has done its job, simple enough to do.

I strongly recommend this to beat British winters.


Chezphil Emporium