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For me its coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, one of life’s pleasures. If you drink generic branded tea or coffee you are missing out on tasting really excellent brews which will cost only a little bit more per cup. You can get really excellent coffees for a fraction of the cost at a typical cafĂ©. If you only drink shop bought tea you will be unaware of the wide range of different tasting teas available. Some you will like, some not, which is part of the fun.

Many people use teabags mostly for convenience. Open a typical teabag and you will invariably find that the tea is more like a powder than a leaf of tea. Not uncommonly tea bags use lower grades of tea which do not have the full flavour of a good quality leaf tea. It is possible to find good coffee in the shops, although your choice will be limited. Freeze dried coffee granules in my mind do not count as a good cup of coffee.

Brewing good tea and good coffee is simple. For coffee I use a cafetiere. Coffee in, hot water in, let it stand, press it down, job done. For tea I use a teapot with an infuser. Tea in, hot water in, let it stand, remover infuser with tea leaves, serve. Very simple to do and the result is an excellent brew.

One problem in the UK is sourcing good quality tea and coffee at sensible prices. One issue is postage which can be eyewateringly high, and which sometimes substantially increases the cost of your supplies. Over the years I have identified three suppliers who I regularly turn to. They each have slightly different selections. All have good prices and postage is sensible.

List of Tea and Coffee Suppliers Recommended in the UK:

Camellia_sinensisHiggins of LondonCoffea_arabica

Northern Tea Merchants

Wilkinsons of Norwich


Teas you may wish to try are the Rose Congu from Higgins, the White tea from Northern Tea Merchants (a very expensive tea), and the flavoured teas such as Vanilla Gunpowder from Wilkinsons. On the coffee side my preference is for the less intense coffees such as the Indonesian Java or Brazilian Santos. Lots to try.

If you have yet to try fine teas and coffees start with one you know. For example for teas you cannot go wrong with an Assam or Sri Lankan tea. Enjoy your explorations.

How about growing your own tea?

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